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Gingerr Rust’s Album "Jayne TV" Feels Like A Perfect Dream

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This nine track blend of genres flies by in the same way that this year has passed us up. The difference is that Jayne TV is something we can all enjoy due to the limitless talents Gingerr Rust is serving.

Photo By: Ally Diaz

The self taught singer/songwriter/producer will take you on a magical journey that is relatable and beautiful. Finding a way to completely fuse together jazz skats, RnB melodies, rap, and pretty bedroom pop is the perfect way to catch our hearts.

The intoxicating intro is like a fever dream in heaven. “Distraction” is muffled and muted with a fierce folk percussion moment lighting the way that leads the listeners quickly into “Jayne the Virgin”. This second track feels like an ode to the fictional telenovela character Jane the Virgin hand holds the soul of the entire album. “6th & Spring”, a spot that sits in the heart of Downtown LA is a darker more ominous moment that feels like it was meant to be cherished at night. The sounds are fuzzy and melodic and somehow make the beats hit harder than usual.

Tokyo Drift is a track that feels a lot more poetic and soft spoken than the others. By now you are already pretty much halfway through the album and definitely feeling the fast pace tone this album is setting. “Soap in My Eye” holds the serious notes of the album but nothing compares to “Sad Girl Hours,” which is the true heart throb track of Jayne TV. This genius accumulation of twinkly bedroom pop sparkles pairs perfectly with the vocals laid over the almost Kali Uchis like backdrop.

"Lounge Interlude" and "Billy Eyelash" are nice contradicting tracks that work perfectly alongside each other. 86% closes up the album and is also the longest track coming in at just over four minutes. It’s the final bad bitch beat we get to enjoy and wraps up the album perfectly.

Overall this album was an exceptional demonstration of talent on behalf of Gingerr Rust. We are excited to see yet another young, emerging, and multi-faceted Los Angeles based artist come up.

Stream Gingerr Rust's Jayne TV Here.

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