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Getting Dreamy & Dairy Free with Spill Tab

We played 20 questions with spill tab. Well, technically 19.

All photos by Axel Kabundji (@akabundji)

There are many ways you can look to oblitterate your anxiety and uncertaintly these days. Leaning into the calming and dreamy sounds of spill tab’s discography is our favorite method. The lovely Claire Chicha, otherwise known as spill tab, took some time to play 20 questions with us.

Within the past year, she has been at the top of every great ‘up and coming artist’ list with lots of credit coming from her latest EP Oatmilk. This 4 track EP includes a refreshing twist of Fench-English lyrics that blend effortlessly with the genre-bending production work. We are really excited to feature the moment when we got to dive a little deeper into her brain.

Check it out. You might learn a thing or two.


What are the origins of spill tab?

Bangkok, Los Angeles, Paris, croissants, Algerian cuisine, Nutella crepes, the Matrix, playing piano, couscous, choir, airplanes, jazz, classical, and pad kee mao.

Who are your musical heroes?

Truly don’t know how to answer this.

What was your most played song of 2020?

Definitely something by Moses Sumney.

Did your Spotify Wrapped expose you?

No tbh very standard for me.

If you had to describe “bedroom pop” to a senior citizen what would you say?

Unlimited toppings but it’s music.

If you had to describe your style of music to the readers what would you say?

Intimate electro mic really close to my mouth sensual bass type oeuvre.

Please explain the place you have been based during the pandemic vs. the place you wish you were based during the pandemic.

My room in Los Angeles VS Carmelo’s Bar in Brooklyn, NY.

Oatmilk was your latest EP and it was stocked with French lyrics. At what point did you know you wanted to write and sing in French?

I always wanted French to be a part of the job that I grew into, so happy it got to be in music.

If you walked into a coffee shop and they didn’t have oat milk as a dairy substitute what would you do?

Order almond milk and pretend I’m not drinking soppy cardboard.

Were there any bloopers from the “Calvaire” music video?

So many, it was cold as shit tbh, and there was this one shot where Jade (co-creator/my main visuals queen) had to paint red on my face, and homie ~elegantly~ brushed that shit into my mouth.

What were the artistic inspirations for the “Calvaire” music video?

Just having fun with the homies.

Your track “Loneliness Pt. ll” with Aaron Taos sounds like heaven. Not a question I just wanted to add that in so the people are aware.


Your role in tour management was put on hold for a bit because of the pandemic but do you think you will go back now that you have had time to dedicate to your music?

Low-key would be down some time in the future. It is such an all-encompassing job, and it leaves little time/room to do much else which means I’d be putting everything else on hold for months.

Are you working on putting together an album now that you’ve had a taste of an EP?

There is maybe a world out there where I put out a project that is that long, but that ain’t it for me rn. I love a good short EP, a skinny Minnie if you will.

How do you think the live music industry will evolve post-pandemic?

It’s going to absolutely explode.

What is your dream tour route?

US - Europe - Southeast Asia.

What has been the best concert of your life?

ROSALIA in NYC, damn.

How important are all-female concert/festival lineups in your opinion?

That would be pretty fucking dope, the energy would be so powerful.

Any special shoutouts or disses? You can put them here we won’t judge.

Bless you vegan cheese, bless you Mini Vaseline, bless you free samples.

To end on a superior question - What is the last meme saved to your phone?

It’s these two girl fist fighting, each respectively captioned “Almond Milk’ and “Soy Milk” and then it zooms in on this guy in the back with a lighter ripping from a pipe captioned “Oat Milk.”


Be sure to stream spill tab’s latest EP Oatmilk and check out her other music videos for “Name,” "Santé," & “Cotton Candy” below.

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