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Get Ready To Heal. Jhené Aiko's Album 'Chilombo' Is Here.

In Chilombo, the Los Angeles-bred singer plays alchemy crystal singing bowls under every song.

Music in general has healing properties. It doesn't matter if it’s heavy metal, soft jazz, or beloved R&B. Since the beginning of time artists have used this medium to convey emotion and soul. Jhené Aiko has truly found her core motive with this album. In a time of complete disarray (and that is speaking lightly) the singer songwriter has decided to use her powers for good and lace every song with healing properties. This 29 track marathon is a deep dive into Jhené’s psyche. She moves between hills and valleys with tracks that touch every aspect of her life. This amazing form of Santeria includes crystal bowls under the beats of every song.

According to an interview exchange between Aiko and E! News, "P*$$Y Fairy (OTW)" carries note D in the background which stimulates the sacral chakra (your passion and pleasure center) and "H.O.E (Happiness Over Everything)" is in note C and F which stimulates the heart and root chakra (your stability, security, and basic needs center) respectively.

"The more I study sound and its healing effects, the more I put intention of healing into my music."

Chilombo is a word that means ‘wild beast’—they’re strong, confident and graceful. Triggered (freestyle) is one of the first singles from the album and sets the tone of Chilombo. It's not even one of the most energetic or forward songs from the album. It was and is a taste of what’s coming. It truly bodies the main themes Jhené is exploring on Chilombo, which include overcoming hard relationships, sexual appetites, and love. All of which can be well, triggering.

None Of Your Concern (feat. Big Sean) is an interesting perspective on the relationship between Aiko and Sean now that it has ended. Having concern that the other will be better or worse off without this relationship is irrelevant because either way it's over. What scars are the remnants of the relationship and the constant interference. “It’s none of my concern anymore” is an outcry and realization that Jhené Aiko is experiencing. Big Sean is coming in at the later half of the track is a bit hard to listen to. He isn't lending lines of affirmation but rather confirmation that the relationship is over. Their differences are now detailed forever.

B.S. (feat H.E.R.) explores relationships that are both codependent and detrimental. It sheds light on freedom and getting back to the single life that you once knew when you were young. It feels like getting back on the bike you always knew how to ride and taking off on a relationship that “wasn't it’. “Flex on my ex in my model x” sits over bouncy traps with soothing snaps that register in the glittery party of your mind.

P*$$Y Fairy (OTW) is an accomplishment of pleasure. It’s Aiko’s sexual alter ego that appears later on in the album. The p*$$y fairy lives in the moment and acts as the glue between love and physical touch.

Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.) (feat. Future & Miguel) outlines the equation of freedom + acceptance = happiness. Understanding this concept is freaky to the rappers because who could ever imagine someone wanting to be happy. “Freak” holds a double entendre in this situation because Jhené is making it known that she is sexy.

One Way St. (feat. Ab-Soul) hits with a beat that matches Ab-Souls vibe right off the bat. Love is a one way street and Aiko is going the wrong way. This imagery sets up the scenario perfectly for Soul to come in and crush the verse about the struggles of love.

Define Me - interlude - is the power of Jhené’s healing sounds becoming more apparent. Her voice echoes the mantra, “You cannot define me.”

Surrender (feat Dr. Chill) once again bring the sounds of bowls to the front of the song. So much so that even SZA would be proud. LOVE is a love letter to her daughter. Together they grow in love and keep their relationship strong with joy and perseverance.

Summer 2020 - interlude - is a piano ballad that reaches out to her brother who is no longer physically present but always by her side. With good days come bad ones and the longing for someone who isn't around is heartbreaking but shapes you.

Lightning & Thunder (feat. John Legend) is this beautiful song that opens up with a lyrical ladder. It's a progression of unwellness that contains emotions as powerful as lightning and thunder. John Legend moves into the track questioning this sharp change in emotional events so sudden it's as if a spell has been cast. This irrational movement of behavior and erratic depression can only be explained with an unworldly act of witchcraft. The hazy guitar riffs illustrate the “visions of lightning and thunder” they both are experiencing in this chaotic natural disaster. This track is easily one of the most moving ballads on the album and sounds like pure gold. It is emotive and timeless and gentle yet powerful like a true lightning and thunder storm.

B.S. (feat. Kehlani) - Remix flipped the initial track that appears earlier in the album featuring H.E.R. The Kehlani verse we are hearing now at the initial drop is actually not the right Kehlani verse. There was originally one long verse on there and it got cut in half. The wrong half was put on the album but will be fixed within the next 24 hours. Either way its fire and the bright side is that we are getting a full ass Kehlani verse once we figure out how to lace them together.

On The Way (feat. Mila J) is the song of the hour and has twitter going mad because the lyrics are so hot. People are genuinely shocked that a female artist has decided to detail her sexual preferences in her work when men have been doing it on songs since like forever. This is a song of liberation friends. Mila J joins the party and we are all getting sensual as fuck. The p*$$y fairy has arrived. Overall this musical journey will leave you feeling the depths of your soul. If you listen hard enough you may even hear the sounds of inner peace.

Stream Chilombo now.

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