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Finding Female Energy with KINIDA

Her latest single "MURI APA" which means "headache" was inspired by her first heartbreak.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing an artist live out her dream. We are excited to share KINIDA, a beautiful dark synth-pop master who is keen on sharing her lived experiences as a female artist. Her most recent works of art include “MURI APA” and “Slomo” both of which are rooted in strong positive energy that moves through you as the tracks play. Before we give too much away please enjoy the amazing visuals she puts out and take some time to watch her music video for “MURI APA” because it will be unlike anything you have ever seen.


Hello KINIDA. We are so excited to get to know a little more about you and your art. Can you start by sharing a little bit about your background and why you decided to start making music?

I’ve always had an interest in sound and color since a young age. Both elements have always made me feel euphoric inside. However, I’ve never really considered taking music seriously and always kept it to myself until I met my best friend Yo Fu who is also my executive producer and my creative partner. It all really started when we first hung out and we both exposed that we were secretly interested in music and we were keeping it to ourselves. She was just starting out with producing and I was just starting out with vocals, it just felt right that we would create together and that’s how it all started and we made out a first track called “Yese Sori” which is a fusion of our two languages Mandarin and Korean translates to “Color Sound.” Yo Fu then introduced me to West1nine and he immediately saw our vision who then hopped on the project and took part in executive producing as well. Without them none of this would have been possible, I truly thank them for trusting our creativity.

What type of headspace do you need to be in to create music?

Just good energy in the atmosphere.

What are specific forms of art other than music that you are interested in?

I feel like specifics create limitations. I think that if you are into creating you should have all doors open for the process of your creativity, we can’t be afraid of what our minds are capable of.

How has your cultural background shaped how you approach music?

I just think it’s really important to be tapping into the balance of my two cultures. I don’t want to be defined by what society categorizes me into, I want to be defined by accepting who I am through my own experiences and never abandoning my roots.

Your latest single “Muri Apa” has so many unique elements. Can you explain the meaning behind “Muri Apa” and why you decided to incorporate both Korean and English lyrics on the track?

“Muri Apa'' in English translates to ‘headache.’ I incorporated both of my languages because some things make sense to be expressed in English and some things make sense to be expressed in Korean.

We love the idea of amplifying Dakini in your music video for “Muri Apa.” Can you share your own personal interpretation of Dakini?

Dakini represents female energy; everyone has this Dakini (female) and Daka (male) energy. Through music I explore my Dakini, it is my form of practice and meditation—a way of getting in tune with my highest femininity.

The video is a symbolic representation and introduction to KINIDA as an artist,

introducing her duality and her practice to Dakini.

What was the inspiration behind the makeup and costume designs for the music video?

Incorporating the fishnet mask is a way of detaching my exterior self from my art. I am trying to explore the in-between space of my art defining me vs me defining my art. The makeup also plays that role, I collaborated with a super talented creative Mac Do. I had explained to her the concept of partially exposing my face and how much the shape circle means to me. She then quickly came up with a brief sketch of the main look, I immediately fell in love with it.

Any new tracks coming our way soon?

Yes, when it feels right. :)

Pivoting a little. How has the pandemic changed your perspective on life?

I don’t think so really, I feel like everything around me changed but I am still who I am. If anything it has made me focus more.

What are some things you think we can do to support females in the music industry as well as promote equality and diversity?

I wish to see more female representations in the industry. I hope to see more male representatives taking up-and-coming female artists more seriously and not as sexual subjects.

What goals do you have for 2021?

To continue learning and continue on this journey of enlightenment.

What is one message you hope listeners take away from your music?

However, it resonates to them.


Be sure to stream "Muri Apa" and follow KINIDA on social.

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