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Erin Kirby Talks About “Bad Luck”

We ran through some quick Q&As with the singer-songwriter and discussed her latest release plus more.

We got some insight from the lovely Erin Kirby about her latest release “Bad Luck” which hit streaming platforms in February of this year. The song is a hit and even had its debut on Zane Lowe’s always poppin' radio show. Be sure to check out the interview below with Erin Kirby and go stream “Bad Luck” wherever you get your music.


So what does a typical day for you look like?

I don’t really have a “normal” day because each day I do something different! A few things I do daily are let out our chickens, grab a protein shake from my fav local shake shop, write music, and spend time with family.

Where has been your favorite place to spend quarantine?

My favorite place to be during quarantine is outside by the pool!

What made you interested in pursuing a career in music?

I have always loved music!! From the moment I hit the stage for the first time, I knew music was what I wanted to do forever.

It feels like your music comes from such an emotional place. What mental space do you have to be in to create music?

Each song is different but I often write songs from my friend’s perspectives in their stories or tv shows.

Photo by Melinda Kirby

How did you feel about your latest track “Bad Luck (feat. Zac Lawson)” premiering on Zane Lowe?

I cannot believe I had the opportunity to have my song premiered by Zane Lowe. I am extremely grateful!!

What do you think is the best advice for someone who is going through an emotional or toxic relationship with someone?

I believe that God has a person for each of us. If you are stuck in a toxic relationship lean on God and let him help you get out of it. He is holding your hand every step of the way and will not let you fall.

Is a music video on the agenda for “Bad Luck” or maybe another track?

I am hoping so but we will see!

On another note - I think a lot of us are wondering what it’s been like for artists releasing music during a pandemic. Has it hindered you in any way?

It is crazy releasing music and not having anywhere to play it! I still love that I can release music for people to hear but I do wish I could perform it!

What venue are you most looking forward to playing again once the pandemic is over?

I love every show I do and would be extremely happy to play somewhere with my band again.

Photo by Melinda Kirby

What will be the first song you play live once you are back on stage?

I usually start every set with my original “Boomerang.”

What has it been like being able to take advantage of a platform like Tiktok to share your music? Do you have a preference between TT or IG?

Tiktok and IG have become very helpful during the pandemic. I love IG but I enjoy the entertainment from TikTok!

What is one message you would like to share with people interested in pursuing a career in music?

GO FOR IT!!! If you want to start then please do so! You will never know where it might go if you don’t try it out.

Lastly, any special shoutouts? We love a good shoutout here!

Shoutout to my parents for always supporting me through everything I do!!

Be sure to check out the single "Bad Luck" below and follow Erin Kirby on social.

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