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Curtis Waters’ New Single “Conceited” Is A Prime Pop Bop

The momentum continues for 21-year-old musician Curtis Waters. “Conceited” is a self-penned / self-produced track that follows last month’s release “Doodoodoo.” Both tracks are injected with certified Grade-A pop tempos that will at the very least get your head bobbing (I myself was dancing around my room). Both songs are amazing but “Conceited” has a special bounce to it. You can hear the smile on his face as he raps out his wit over a track that feels so bright and vibrant.

Speaking on the track, Curtis reveals,

“Conceited is a song I made because I was listening to a lot of 2010s pop music. I wanted to see what the 2021 Curtis Waters version of that era would sound like. Conceited is fun, upbeat, and a little cheesy. The lyrics are about being conceited it’s supposed to be a bit ironic.”

It is no surprise that he is on every watch list around the internet. He was one of the artists whose track took over the TikTok boom of 2020 when the whole world was watching from their couches in sweatpants. “Stunnin’ Ft. Harm Franklin” is currently the soundtrack of 1.2 million Tiktok videos and counting. It unsurprisingly is now certified RIAA Gold in the US and was included in Rolling Stone’s 50 Best songs of 2020. In the Fall of 2020, he followed up the hype with a debut album titled Pity Party via his own label (licensed through BMG), which was written, produced, performed, and mixed by the multi-talented artist.

“‘Pity Party’ is an album I started when I was at a very low point in my life when I dropped out of college and moved back home last year.” Curtis shares, “I had a lot of time to think about all my struggles growing up as a brown kid in North America dealing with mental illnesses and the guilt that came with it. It’s about getting better at coping with life. I get a lot of brown kids messaging me telling me I make them feel like they can do anything too, which is awesome. Hopefully, people can listen and feel less alone. That would make all the difficulties worth it.”

Curtis Waters was born in Nepal and migrated to Germany, then relocated to Calgary when he was a child. Eventually, he and his family settled in North Carolina at age 17, where he lives with his parents and younger brother. Having never really fit in, Curtis resorted to finding interests online and focusing on his creative endeavors as an escape from suburban life and his own mental health struggles. Like most kids his age, he turned to Youtube to learn how to produce music. He first started earning money at 14 by selling his beats to artists he met on Soundcloud until he realized he needed to put his own music out. Taking inspiration from the greats like Odd Future, Tyler, the Creator, and Kanye, Curtis built up his own beats library and spun his tracks with a bedroom pop flair. To date, Curtis has accumulated more than 700 million global streams across his catalog.

Be sure to check out Curtis Water’s latest singles “Conceited” and “Doodoodoo” below.

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