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Christina Aguilera - The Xperience @ Zappos Theater

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Planet Hollywood - Las Vegas, NV

You better believe that I would catch Christina Aguilera during her residency while I was in Vegas for the weekend. Coming off her most recent tour, Aguilera found some time to put together a true Xperience at Zappos Theater. This great space offers her the chance to really put on a classic “Las Vegas show”, in the sense that every second you were in the seats something was tingling your senses. She was definitely not shy about pumping massive amounts of glitter and confetti at the crowd and even made the whole venue smell like candy during the iconic Back to Basic’s Candyman. There was a stage change about every 2.5 songs and allll the costumes were sickening.

Christina Aguilera @ Zappos Theater

Christina Aguilera put on a party. It’s so amazing to see so many queens are taking the Vegas stage at the moment. JLo just left, but is stopping back in town again soon for her “It’s My Party” Tour & Gwen Stefanie is due to follow Christina at Zappos closer to the end of this year. Lady Gaga is also out here selling out all her shows alongside Cher and Celine Dion. There is no escaping these gorgeous faces on giant LED billboards while walking down the strip.

Inclusion and girl representation were huge themes throughout the show. Flashes from the 2017 Women’s March filled the huge stage screens and one really hot drag queen shook the stage with moves so fire RuPaul would be burned. If anyone knows me, they can assume I was in heaven. Thank you so much Christina for developing this culturally impactful show. Highly recommend, especially since no seat in the house is a bad one.

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