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Check Out nyah's Latest Single + Video For "TRUTH SEEKER"

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter nyah is back with her latest single "TRUTH SEEKER" plus a visual component. Dreams never felt this real.

Photo By: Shabaka Johnson

After a two year hiatus nyah's latest dreamy single "TRUTH SEEKER" is out now. The freeform lo-fi song was written, mixed, and produced all by the singer herself while mastering was done by Cory Williams. "TRUTH SEEKER" loops a very deep thought that hits very close to home, especially in this day and age. "What do we have to go on, what do we have to lose?" presents itself during a time when the world around us is inflamed with so much disparity yet so much hope. The risks we take now can define the very near future we will live in. With "TRUTH SEEKER" nyah has brought a thought provoking piece of art to the table and made it the focal point.
Cover Art By: Claire Fagin

Looking back at Real Now, which was nyah's 2018 EP, singles like "Masquerade" and "Do You Know What I Feel" showcase the singer's fantastic lyrical abilities paired with deep layers of rhythm. Her music finds a space in your mind and fills it with clam artistic arrangements.

Photo By: Shabaka Johnson

The visual component of "TRUTH SEEKER" was directed by Claire Fagin and brings the elements of the single to life. The underwater interpretation focusing on broken glass melts your mind and leaves your brain wanting more. Throughout the video you catch glimpses of dancers and lights in the shapes of stars, which evokes serenity and beauty. Check it out for yourself below.

Be sure to check out nyah's complete collection of work here & follow her @nyahhhh.

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