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Anna Shoemaker Releases “Feels Like (1 Trait Danger Remix)”

The ukulele pop ballad gets a nice EDM revamp.

This might be news to you but there is an electronic side project spearheaded by Car Seat Headrest’s Andrew Katz and he’s put his spin on Anna Shoemaker’s single titled “Feels Like.” The original track is a slower softer ukulele charm with slight notes of electronic sounds injected at the end. Katz has expanded the sound a little bit more to make the whole song feel larger than life.

Shoemaker however isn’t afraid of welcoming robotics when it comes to her music. The NY based singer/songwriter first broke waves when she released a mashup of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and Chance the Rapper’s “Coco Butter Kisses” on Soundcloud and it went viral. Her latest release prior to “Feels Like(1 Trait Danger Remix)” was “Silver Cowboy Boots.” It is a light and airy low-fi moment that can be found on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds/Pop.” Anna Shoemaker is very attuned to the “crying-in-the-club” vibe and will be sure to make you weep while you sway back and forth in your room with the lights low.

Be sure to check out Anna Shoemaker's latest single “Feels Like (1 Trait Danger Remix)” and the rest of her catalog below.

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