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ALONZO Releases His Debut Album ENOUGH

The perfection of this album is insane.

LA-based rock-soul artist ALONZO is making his way in the music industry with the release of his debut album ENOUGH. This album is a complete statement of validation to the world. ALONZO may seem new to some but he has actually made it as an America’s Got Talent semi-finalist in 2011, has since then has sold out 4 tours across Asia, and is also a fan favorite at some of the most well-known music venues in Los Angeles. He was also the first singer ever to be approved by the Prince Estate and sang on the 4 U Prince Tour.

ENOUGH features 10 tracks that blend soul, funk, R&B, rock n’ roll, and pop together to make a beautiful masterpiece. We are completely excited to see ALONZO bring this album to life when the world opens back up again. What is even more exciting is that the album release date also coincides with his birthday (3/3). There is a beautiful component that holds up the significance of this album. ALONZO explains:

“The album is called ENOUGH because I’m done with allowing myself to be held back by perfectionism and fear. I wanted to affirm that I am enough. My talent is enough. Black people are enough. The black women that raised me are enough. Our beauty is enough. We are enough.”

Be sure to stream ENOUGH by ALONZO below and follow him on social below.


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