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Abby Cole Is Dark Electronica

With her highly anticipated full EP coming out in 2021 - Abby Cole is prepping us with select dreamy synth singles that have us dancing and wanting more.

"The Speed of Time" debuted to the public on October 9th and is the intro track to the self produced EP SEETHRU. The project was created entirely in isolation from COVID-19 and contains lots of dance inspired beats along with dreamy synths that were inspired by the likes of Grimes, Oklou, and more.

The single "The Speed of Time" has amazing production value and fits perfectly into the world of dark electronica music. It will be following up Cole's most recent 2020 release "A Lone Song" featuring Brazilian artists Slowaves and The Outs as well as the artist's previous EP from 2019 Is It Not Strange.

Be sure to stream "The Speed of Time" out now.

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