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5 Takeaways from “Good News”

She’s back. Here are some immediate takeaways from Thee Stallion’s debut album.

Words by Bria Dunlap

1. Tory Lanez is a bitch

Excuse my language, but we were all thinking it. Meg wastes no time and gets straight to the point. Her first track “Shots Fired” starts off the album recounting her experience with Lanez back over the summer.

“Imagine niggas lyin’ ‘bout shooting a real bitch,
just to save face for rapper niggas you chill with...”

- Shots Fired, Megan Thee Stallion

The topic of the shooting is not anything new, nor is it “good news’” - our good sis is just taking some time to talk some shit, rightfully so. It’s been a steady topic of conversation for nearly half the year now, I just hope those 2 minutes and 51 seconds were as cathartic as they needed to be for Meg.

I personally will never be over the recklessness and blatant disrespect for Megan’s life that timeline inflicted on her, or the number of (black) men who stood up in Tory’s defense, as though Megan did something wrong. In reality, the conversation ultimately exposed deeply rooted misogynoir, triggered by this confident, no bullshit taking STALLION of a black woman. Y’all are really weird - to be so upset and threatened to see someone winning? Not a good look.

2. She can sample anything

Meg’s team ain’t scared of clearing a sample. “Big Ole Freak” was a hit, personally partially due to the nostalgic nature of the sample from The S.O.S. Band. She knows most of her fans have taste and can appreciate a good sample, so she continues to give the people what they want.

She opens the album with the oh-so-clever use of “Who Shot Ya” by Notorious B.I.G. in “Shots Fired,” again owning her narrative. We get another cool use in “Circles,” where she uses Jazmine Sullivan's “Holding You Down” on a loop as the foundation of the song. I’m sure I missed a few references, but I don’t really need much more convincing.

3. She’s giving some intense queer vibes

Oh, Megan. Meg loves to drop little hints that she’s into the girls. We can’t tell if she’s just saying things just because, or if there’s truth to her sentiments. There are a few bars from “Captain Hook” that come to mind:

“I be texting with a bi chick, we both freaky just trying shit..,”
“I got a man, I got a bitch, I’m a banana, they gotta split...”

Body - Megan Thee Stallion

Spoken like a true poet. My very queer self loves the idea of Megan being a lil fluid. I know plenty of women who are ready to cook, clean, and drink her bath water, either way. She continues to play off of this in her smash hit, “Body”:

“...I’m not the one to play with, like a touch-me-not.”

This is a term I’m not going to define, one: because Urban Dictionary exists, and two: if it doesn’t ring a bell, it’s probably not for you. Just know Meg - we see you, girl.

4. She doesn’t need features

“Good News” has sealed the idea for me that Meg doesn’t need features to stand on her own. Don’t get me wrong - I still like the features with Lil Durk, SZA, and City Girls - but her strongest tracks are the tracks she’s on by herself. “Outside”, “What’s New”, and “Sugar Baby” all come to mind as immediate favorites.

Think about it. She’s the hottest thing out right now. And yes, she’s new on the scene, so I think she’s in a place where she’s just thinking strategically, like any artist would. To me, it feels like Meg is the one doing them a favor. Like, when was the last time you listened to 2 Chainz on purpose?

I mean, I will forever be thankful for the “Savage (Remix)”, but I was in love with it before Beyonce even jumped on the track. Anyway, I hope she continues to grow and collaborate, but also realize she doesn’t need a feature from anyone (DaBaby) to deliver a hit.

5. She’s not going anywhere

“Good News” is one hell of a debut album, but it has its strengths and weaknesses, just like any other project. The songs I didn’t particularly take to were “Cry Baby” with DaBaby, “Intercourse” with Popcorn and Mustard, and “Don’t Rock Me To Sleep” is kinda 50/50, depending on what mood I’m in.

But that’s the great thing about emerging artists – you get to see them grow and develop, try new things, figure out what works and what doesn’t. She’s among other heavy hitting women that have been bearing the weight of carrying the industry this year, and she deserves her flowers.

Meg is consistent, and the people with good taste and respect for her craft want to see her win. Her power knows no limits.


Be sure to stream "Good News" 24/7 365 days a year.

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