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10 Songs To Get To Know MF DOOM

Hip-hop at its finest. RIP MF DOOM.

Very little is known about the legendary rapper MF DOOM. Born Daniel Dumile, the rapper is best known for being extremely private yet still maintaining a substantial influence on the hip-hop industry as we know it. His work has always been a deviation from the typical “rap culture” which is most notorious for boasting about sex, drugs, and mischief. He liked to rap about things that made his life worth living - things that he loved. The metal mask he donned kept his persona private and allowed him to give his fans the opportunity to focus on the sanctity of the music rather than the image. Much of his career was spent building upon special identities or characters that gave his work unique themes that stemmed from his childhood. Most notoriously obsessed with the villain Dr. Doom from the Marvel Universe - he released Operation: Doomsday in 1999, an album filled with samples and skits that inspired a generation.

The jazz-rap style and straightforward lyrics coming from DOOM were on a level that none had reached yet. Of all the monikers he holds one of the most common ones when referring to him is, “Your rapper’s favorite rapper” because his brilliance quickly took over the underground rap scene. What held him back from ever breaking the mainstream may have been the fact that he decided to keep his personal life private. A large part of the hip-hop culture is about boasting and showing off one’s exotic lifestyle and this was something that DOOM never did. There is still so much to unpack about MF DOOM but we are eager to share some of our favorite tracks from the late legend. Whether you are a huge fan or a curious newbie, we think that there is so much to enjoy from the catalog of MF DOOM.

Rapp Snitch Knishes feat. Mr. Fantastik

Track from the album MF DOOM dedicated to food. Not sure if it’s the electricity of the guitar or the silky smooth rhymes but this song is one you can bump long into the early mornings.

All Caps

A gentle reminder when referring to the rapper in any form of writing, MF DOOM must be in ALL CAPS.

Doomsday feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl

It's the record scratching for me.

Coffin Nails

From the box set. This is the beat that sits underneath Rapp Snitch Knishes.


One of the low-fi tracks from Madvillainy. If you listen to the lyrics closely you get a lot from DOOM here.

Rhymes Like Dimes

Flowery and unique sounds swell in this track. MF DOOM sold a lot of beats so this is his testament. Can you imagine listening to something like this when it broke in 1999.

The Chocolate Conquistadors feat. BADBADNOTGOOD

One of the latest posthumous releases from the late artist. It's beautiful. Its Spanish influences take me to a beautiful beach off the coast of Spain.


Simple and beautiful beat with a quick reference to Obama.

One Beer

More of a party song and a love letter to beer.

Hoe Cakes

The intro lines of Supersonic by J.J. Fad sits at the tip of your tongue for this entire song. Usually, it's frustrating when the song doesn't drop but in this case, it's okay.

Cookie Chips

Rejjie Snow had the brilliant idea to put MF DOOM on this track and the results were magical.

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